About us


Our mission 

Mobile Concepts Ventures was founded to support the founders of technological ventures in transforming their entities into stable companies. We focus on innovative entities with committed and motivated teams with projects for both B2B and B2C markets.


For several years, MobileConcepts Ventures has been involved in selected technology startups, ensuring their growth and expanding their activities with international projects.


MobileConcepts is happy to invite content and financial partners whose competences and resources will significantly contribute to the increase value of entities in the group.

operation centre

MobileConcepts operates from Warsaw , and through and many years of contacts has its satellites in Stockholm.These key locations allow us to maintain and expand our network, and stay at the corner of the investor community. 







How we work ?

A through analysis of the real opportunities that cooperation that cooperation it to bring, supported by operational activities before transaction, gives a picture  of tangible benefits.